In the Arboretum Mysticum Lodge, we spent 15 weeks working through the magical philosophy of the Kybalion, discussing each chapter and performing specific ritual and meditation aligned with its concepts. We offer these recordings and hope that they deepen your understanding and awaken your ancient memory of these sacred Hermetic teachings. Enjoy!

Before listening to each recording, read the assigned chapter. You can find the text online or you can purchase the recommended Centenary Edition HERE.



Ch. I – Hermetic Philosophy

Ch. II – Seven Hermetic Principles

Ch. III – Mental Transmutation

Ch. IV – The All

Ch. V – The Mental Universe

Ch. VI – The Divine Paradox

Ch. VII – “The All” in All

Ch. VIII – Planes of Correspondence

Ch. IX – Vibration

Ch. X – Polarity

Ch. XI – Rhythm

Ch. XII – Causation

Ch. XIII – Gender

Ch. XIV – Mental Gender

Ch. XV – Hermetic Axioms