Vanessa Baltodano


Vanessa Baltodano is the founder of Come Full Circle, a Certified Crystal Healing Therapist, and team member of 22 Teachings School of Hermetic Science and Magical Arts. Her inner circle knows her to be grounded and intuitive when giving advice. As a little girl, Vanessa was a lucid dreamer. After her father passed in 2009 and even more so after her mother passed in 2014, Vanessa’s dreams became more and more intense. Having constant visits from her parents and spirit guides, Vanessa was led to a path of crystals, magic and metaphysics. Leaving her corporate job in 2015, she embarked on her journey towards becoming a magical practitioner and committing to a life in service of the greater good. Since then, Vanessa has had the privilege of working, learning, and/or doing ceremonial magic with spiritual leaders and teachers such as Starhawk, Andras Corban-Arthen, Patrick McCollum, the McCollum Foundation, the World Peace Violin, Orion Foxwood and Naha Armády. Till this day, she continues to study and connect with the Faery Tradition through personal practice, Orion Foxwood’s faery seership and 7 year apprenticeship, and new studies with R.J. Stewart. She continues to delve into the Western Mystery Tradition through Naha Armády’s teachings.

Crystal healing therapy is the core of Vanessa’s business. She finds it to be the most beneficial tool to help individuals find their power and use it towards being their greatest selves. She recently added tarot readings into her practice and is excited to see where the path will lead her. She is now exploring and embarking on a new path of teaching the Faery Tradition and Faery Magic at the 22 Teachings Academy. She is passionate about our planet and knows that teaching about the Faery Tradition will help us get closer to creating a more beautiful Earth we all know is possible. She hopes that her magical practice will help guide individuals towards wholeness and her teachings ignite the power to carry it out into the world.

Come Full Circle Healing:

“A crystal healing therapy session includes crystal placement, meditation, chromatherapy, and sometimes aromatherapy. At the start of your appointment you will have the opportunity to go over any questions or concerns and let Vanessa know if there are any areas you would like to focus on, ie. physical, emotional, spiritual, or any other aspect of self. During your session, Vanessa will connect with your guides as a way of collaborating with them to ensure your healing session is serving your greatest good. At the end of your session, she will give you feedback on what she picked up during the intuitive chakra assessment and go over any messages received. Before you leave your appointment, Vanessa will coach you on how you can carry on with your healing until your next healing session.”

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