Vanessa Baltodano


Vanessa Baltodano is a Certified Crystal Healing Therapist, Self-Healing Coach and founder of Come Full Circle Healing Services. Her practice’s main focus is to help others find the already existing power they hold to heal themselves with Mother Earth’s assistance. If you don’t find her cuddling with her crystals, she’s probably on a California hiking trail with her partner, Mike, or spending time in her garden with her kitty Kimchi!

Come Full Circle Healing:

“A crystal healing therapy session includes crystal placement, meditation, chromatherapy, and sometimes aromatherapy. At the start of your appointment you will have the opportunity to go over any questions or concerns and let Vanessa know if there are any areas you would like to focus on, ie. physical, emotional, spiritual, or any other aspect of self. During your session, Vanessa will connect with your guides as a way of collaborating with them to ensure your healing session is serving your greatest good. At the end of your session, she will give you feedback on what she picked up during the intuitive chakra assessment and go over any messages received. Before you leave your appointment, Vanessa will coach you on how you can carry on with your healing until your next healing session.”

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