More to Discover “Under the Blue Rose” – The Fools Journey In Season 3 Of Twin Peaks

During our recent event UNDER THE BLUE ROSE: a 2-part presentation of the occult themes of David Lynch with William Kiesel, avid Lynch fan and filmmaker himself as well as tarot reader Whitney Dinneweth shared that he had a theory that the Fool’s Journey could be tracked chronologically throughout Season Three of Twin Peaks – the Return. He wrote this interpretation, and assigned the roles and characters of the show to the 22 archetypes of the major arcana as inspired by the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck. Later receiving the Twin Peaks version of the 22 Arcana, he found that the creator(s) of that deck shared some of his correspondences while others varied.

Here Whitney shares his ideas for your consideration.

You can purchase the video recording of this event here:

Twin Peaks Season 3: The Fool’s Journey by Whitney Dinneweth

The Fool

  • Agent Cooper as Dougie Jones
  • In order to unlearn everything and return home, Coop must become The Fool and go on a journey
  • The journey is a return home (Twin Peaks: “The Return”)

The Magician

  • Mike (The One-Armed Man)
  • Mike (and the arm) are helping Dougie manifest what he needs to manifest from higher worlds in order to complete the journey

The High Priestess

  • The Log Lady
  • The TORA is her log
  • She speaks only to Hawk, otherwise hides in her temple (cabin)
  • She peers behind the veil of the mysteries

The Empress

  • FBI Chief of Staff Denise Bryson
  • She has the authority to empower Cole to take the next steps
  • The relationship between Cole and Bryson is characterized by love
  • Bryson is empowered by Cole as the Great Mother (“fix your hearts or die”)

The Emperor

  • Sheriff Frank Truman
  • He’s in charge of the Twin Peaks investigation and his behavior is that of the Emperor: stoic, unmoved, wise, in control.

The Hierophant

  • The Fireman
  • The Fireman’s role is to speak to those who are willing to listen
  • To teach them about the mysteries
  • In the RWS card, you see Cooper and Andy Brennan kneeling

The Lovers

  • The alchemical process Cooper is struggling with
  • Merging Agent Cooper with Dougie Jones under the guidance of Laura Palmer in one of her roles as an archangel of healing
  • A seemingly insurmountable mountain on the card is between Dougie and his goal, which plays out over most of the season

The Chariot

  • Major Garland Briggs
  • He is the driving force behind the scenes, of events which play out over the course of the season
  • He drops out of the stars the first time (the canopy over the head)
  • The town behind the Charioteer is Twin Peaks, which Briggs left behind upon his death
  • The sphinxes reflect Boaz and Jachin and he is above them, because his vantage point is transcendent


  • Chantal Hutchens
  • She pacifies Mr. C (the lion) in the hotel room
  • She’s the only person Mr. C is tender with

The Hermit

  • Dr. Jacoby
  • He lives out in the woods by himself
  • The RWS Hermit holds a lantern, which represents the gold shovels Jacoby makes, to “help shovel yourself out of the shit!”

Wheel of Fortune

  • The process by which souls cross between worlds
  • The Kerubic beasts represent Major Briggs, Bob, Mr. C and Judy.
  • The Sphinx is Señorita Dido sitting on the world.
  • Anubis is the Fireman floating upwards.


  • Tammy Preston
  • She is weighing the information and using the sword to try and get to the bottom of the truth

The Hanged Man

  • Cooper’s (Dougie’s) state of being in requiring gnosis to move forward from Dougie in Vegas to Cooper in Twin Peaks in order to “kill two birds with one stone”


  • Judy
  • She rides a White Horse (seen throughout the series when her presence is around)
  • She is ultimately the source of the death we typically see, even if another being carries out the act


  • Bobby Briggs
  • He’s completely come into balance
  • Because he didn’t self-destruct, he’s instrumental in helping the team figure out what they need
  • In the RWS you see them at Glastonbury Grove where they find Naido
  • The cups and water represent him pouring the past (the note from his father) into the present to achieve this mystical act of receiving Naido and the Fireman’s message

The Devil

  • Bob
  • He behaves like he’s all-powerful but he works for a greater archetype (Judy)
  • He’s got Laura and Leland chained to a box
  • The box is her diary

The Tower

  • Cooper’s original plan
  • He will use an “electrical force” after trapping Judy (in the Tower / the “Palmer House”) to blow her up

The Star

  • The sign of Sunset Boulevard on the TV
  • The spoken name “Gordon Cole”

The Moon

  • Cooper’s coma

The Sun

  • When Coop wakes up and is back to himself (100%!)


  • The meeting at the Sherriff’s station
  • In the RWS card, you see a group of people gathered and a giant face.
  • This is the group in the station and the face of Cooper who says “We Live Inside A Dream.” It’s Cooper’s Higher Self which knows how this all plays out.

The World

  • The culmination of the plan
  • The last several minutes of the season
  • Cooper has used Laura as bait and trapped Judy (the two wands) in the Tower
  • The steps are in the corners: Major Briggs, Bob, Mr. C and Judy
  • Here Cooper will finally finish a plan that began before the season started
  • He also possibly short-circuits one or several worlds in order to do it
  • He also changes the world by manipulating time in the course of carrying out these last steps