New Ancestors Course with Vanessa

22 Teachings is excited to announce that Head of Dream Studies and Tarot Reader Vanessa Baltodano is offering a new class called, “Ancestors: Remembering, Healing and Honoring the Lineage,” a 4 week course. Below find a description and the link to register.

Ancestors: Remembering, Healing and Honoring the Lineage 4-week Course with Vanessa
Wednesdays, October 6th – October 27th
6:00-8:00pm PST
Teacher: Vanessa
Location: 22 Teachings School & Zoom
Prerequisite: None
Highly-Recommended: Dream Alchemy 6-Week course
Recording available for absentees:  Yes

The practice of creating, building and maintaining relationships with the Ancestors is not a new concept. It is found in many traditions across the world and has been practiced among many cultures for thousands of years. Regardless of this, we can’t deny that our Western culture has built fear around the concept of death and enforce the idea that we are separate from one another and the Earth. As a result, our culture has lost the will to maintain these relationships. In this course, Vanessa’s goal is to enlighten you with the importance, the magick, and the healing power that is found in Ancestor reverence. She will provide you with the knowledge to begin your own personal practice and help debunk the idea that you must know your lineage and heritage well in order to have a relationship with your Ancestors. During this four-week journey you will have the opportunity to cultivate and start your own personal Ancestral relationships. Vanessa will offer different ways to do this all while sharing stories from her personal journey and magickal practices including those derived from pagan and Faery traditions. 

Syllabus: The Four Passageways 

Week 1: Introduction & The Grove Purpose Ancestor Lineage Identification The Family Tree Ceremony 
Week 2: The Blue Quill Self-reflection Trauma Patterns Conditioning Expectations 
Week 3: The Silver Moon Spiritual Hygiene Potential Relationships Communication Ceremony 
Week 4: The Emerald Fountain  Altars Offerings Rituals Healing practices Closing Healing Ceremony