New Podcast with Teacher Frank Paul

We are very excited to announce that faculty member Frank Paul has started a new podcast, called “Frank Show.” Frank shares insights, questions and personal anecdotes from a mystical and psychological perspective. Central themes are authenticity, creativity and self-integration, and the discussions are direct and warm. This is not self-help or advice. Each episode is meant for listeners to just think about how these ideas relate to them and their experiences. Available on:

Ep. 15 – "Grounding into neutrality" Frank Show

I talk about avoiding cultural discussions, grounding as a therapeutic technique, some ways it can help us stay neutral and non-reactive, and owning how capable we really are. 
  1. Ep. 15 – "Grounding into neutrality"
  2. Ep. 14 – "Finding stability in the self"
  3. Ep. 13 – "Compassion as a way through"
  4. Ep. 12 – "RIP Kitty, a reflection on death"
  5. Ep. 11 – "The gift of old friends"