New Crystals & Color Rays Course – PRISM- with Ixté Owul

This month we’re excited to announce lead faculty, Ixte Owul’s, new 6-week course PRISM. This training is focused on color rays and their healing transmissions by way of crystals and therefore is considered a special approach to better understanding the mineral kingdom. PRISM begins Friday, February 10th at 7pm PST and is now open for registration. Read more below…

PRISM 6-week Course
Fridays, February 10th, 17th, 24th,
March 3rd, 17th, and 24th (No class March 10th)
7:00-9:00pm PST
Teacher: Ixté Owul
Location: In-person & Online
Prerequisite: Basic Understanding of Crystals
Highly-Recommended: Crystal School: Level 1 Crystal Healing Intensive and Initiation
Recording available for absentees:  Yes

Color has a profound effect on how we react to our surroundings. Consider how you feel when it’s raining and cloudy versus a sunny day filled with clear skies. We are affected by both the colors we see and the colors we don’t see. Our eyes alone account for approximately 70% of our total sensory perception, not only of color but also perspective and distance. One of the gifts that comes with living on Earth is being bathed in full spectrum light. In fact, carving out time to spend at least 20 minutes a day with the Sun helps support ideal internal body balance. More specifically, inside our brains are special centers that respond to light – including the pineal and pituitary glands that control the body’s hormonal balance. 

The gifts from color don’t just stop at the physical level. Each color ray has specific intelligences that influence each of us on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. With the assistance of the Crystal Devas, sacred geometry, and the spirits that usher in the Rays of Light, we can bridge the gap of understanding and comprehension of these gifts.


Week 1 Black & Red Ray 
Week 2 Orange & Yellow Ray 
Week 3 Pink & Green Ray 
Week 4 Blue Ray 
Week 5 Purple Ray 
Week 6 White Ray and the Prism 

The teacher shares her experience: Carn Euny – England

“Our relationship with Crystals is not a fad. Our connection to color rays is not just a seasonal relationship or part of pop culture. True gifts of expansion and consciousness are not just for the few, the most advanced, or solely part of a New Age movement. Crystals and the influence of color rays existed before our consciousness could grasp the concept itself and will continue to do so whether our egotistical opinion rejects it or not. In fact, if there’s ever a part of us that rejects something because of its popularity, I always find that to be an invitation to explore the things that are hidden behind the door we’ve closed. It’s no different than rejecting that which is unknown, mysterious, or hidden. I know I’ve been guilty of this same behavior and whenever I’ve decided to look behind the door, more often than not, I find myself pleasantly surprised to discover there are aspects within me I’m rejecting. In other words, there is more of me to love and embrace. 

My relationship with crystals has evolved over the years. Where at first the information came to me in dreams, later my awareness came from an energetic level of understanding, as my cells started to change. I became more and more aware of the energy around me when I was with crystals. Now, my communication with them has expanded beyond the physical into telepathy and color resonance. In 2022, I had the opportunity to travel through England visiting sacred sites and through this journey I reunited with my spiritual ancestors, the Tuatha De Danann. The Tuatha De Danann are a Faery Race who dwell in the hills of what we know now as the United Kingdom. Their name is more popularly known in Celtic mythology as supernatural beings who visited the northern region of Ireland. Before my travels, I was visited by them in a healing journey where they claimed me to collaborate and create the teachings of crystals through way of the color rays. It was at the ruins of Carn Euny where our reunion fully occurred. They showed me how to form geometric shapes and to shift the energy of space through way of a swirling movement of the body. There was also a better understanding of light and the rays that exist in the depths of the Underworld. I’ve been shown the roles of crystals and how they emanate color ray frequencies in the caverns of the subterranean. I was changed yet again! That experience affirmed for me something that I have always known – the shifts of consciousness given by the Underworld are not and may not always be understood by the intellectual mind. This does not prevent the deeper understanding that occurs within the cells and the DNA of the human body.  

Through the conversations I’ve had with my spiritual ancestors we have agreed that a new and deeper relationship needs to occur between our race and the intelligence of light through crystals. We must not be limited to only intellectual means and penetration of words but also by declaring and creating space to commune with them. With this encouragement and agreement, I have been inspired to create a six-week experience and transmission of crystal and color ray teachings. Although it is helpful to have basic knowledge of crystals, it is not required to participate in this class, for the transmission will occur at a cellular level. In other words, the somatic, physical, and bodily experience will occur first, and the consciousness will follow. For some, this may be a challenge because they are more eager to know NOW than to embody and become the teaching first. That’s okay, their lesson will have a challenge of its own. For others, this may be an opportunity to receive affirmation of how they receive upgrades and downloads. For them, this can push them to strengthen their relationship with their bodies and discover that their challenges are within the trust of their own experience. For all, this journey will shift their perspectives and ultimately change how they view the world. 

I look forward to learning along with the rest of the group as the teachings come through my channel. Most of all, I look forward to riding and dancing the rainbow with all of you.” 

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