Teacher Bio

With over 25 years of passion and dedication to the Tarot and magical arts, Naha Armády has spent most of her life as a seeker of wisdom, and took the steps to change her life into one of evolution toward her higher self. Studying with master teachers in the Western Mystery Tradition, she built her foundation in Hermetic Qabalah, alchemy, theurgy, astrology, sacred geometry, and ritual magic. This foundation of esotericism in the West which was propagated by the secret occult society “Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn” and the authors which it spawned; namely Dion Fortune, Paul Foster Case, and Israel Regardie, have been an invaluable source of inspiration for her work. Combining these practices with the hands-on modalities of Reiki and Crystal Healing, Naha created a full package “Middle Pillar Healing” which has been the cornerstone of her work at House of Intuition since her inception there in 2010.
As her client and student roster has grown, Naha has expanded from teaching workshops and leading rituals to now formally incorporating her esoteric curriculum as the 22 Teachings School of Hermetic Science and Magical Arts.
Her knowledge base and 2 decades of experience working as a magical practitioner combine with a strong sense of verifying the subtle intricacies of the Astral and Etheric realms through exploration and validation.

Naha is available for seminars, lectures, podcasts, special events of all sorts.
She conducts private readings and healings at the HOUSE OF INTUITION.