May 12th “Honoring Gaia” Earth Magic Crystal Grid at Ernest Debs Park

May 12th “Honoring Gaia” Earth Magic Crystal Grid at Ernest Debs Park

This is a crystal ceremony in which you will receive a special selection of crystals and stones which work directly with the intention of healing and honoring our planet, raising consciousness and attuning to the messages from the earth. You will learn the properties of each stone you receive as well as the meaning of the shape or form. We will tune into the Earth Resonance. We will journey through crystal assisted guided meditation deep into the earth.

Setting this grid up in your home not only will serve to keep you linked to this energy and maintain this awareness in your life but to also help to project the intention of Earth Consciousness out into the community, raising awakening and awareness.

This two hour event includes study materials on the included crystals, cleansing charging and programming, guided meditation, crystal healing on the body, and creating a grid for the home. The stones that participants receive and take home have been specially hand selected and cleansed in preparation. You will receive anywhere from 10-14 crystals in your grid set.

Event takes place at Ernest Debs Park in Los Angeles. Exact directions will be emailed to attendees a few days prior to the event.



Starts On

12 May 2018 - 2:00 pm

Ends On

4:00 pm