July 27 Full Moon Third Eye Opener Crystal Grid

July 27 Full Moon Third Eye Opener Crystal Grid


Prerequisite Options:
You must have taken either Developing Intuition: Psychic Protection OR The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram in order to attend.
Psychic protection is available as an audio class, if you need to purchase that class CLICK HERE. Students must be able to perform those techniques before participating in Third Eye Opener.

On July 27, upon the Full Moon in Aquarius, take your intuition to the next level and activate your AJNA CHAKRA: The Third Eye

The third eye is the energetic center through which we access inner realms, visions, symbolic understanding and higher states of consciousness. Focusing our attention here can allow us to evoke mental images, colors, symbols, and messages which may have a deeply personal, spiritual or psychological significance.
This magical operation is for anyone interested in strengthening the powers of their Third Eye in order to develop inner vision, clairvoyance (including the ability to observe chakras and auras) and precognition.

In this class participants will each receive a special selection of crystals which work directly with the intention of Inner Vision and Third Eye Opening. You will learn the properties of each stone you receive as well as the meaning of the shape or form. After tuning into exactly what way each specific person could most benefit from with the development of these abilities, each person will clear themselves and quiet the thinking, conscious mind, after which you will charge and program your stones with the proper frequencies to achieve clear and detailed visions, messages, and receptivity. Each person will then “link in” with a specially created master grid to strengthen the powers of the entire group. Through sacred geometry and guided meditation you will fill your Third Eye chakra with the divine vibration of your highest intuitive capabilities and your crystalline counterparts.

This two hour event includes oracle messages, study materials on the included crystals, cleansing charging and programming, guided meditation, crystal healing on the body, and creating a grid for the home. The stones that participants receive and take home have been specially hand selected and cleansed in preparation. You will receive anywhere from 10-14 crystals in your grid set.

Cost of class is $65:

$35 deposit to RSVP

+ $30 cash paid night of event

What is a crystal grid? A crystal grid is a method of creating a sacred space by placing stones of specific metaphysical properties in a geometric pattern to broadcast a specific intention and create a powerful energetic transmitter.

What should I bring/wear? Please:

-bring your $30 cash materials fee
-bring 1 white or purple candle (in glass container, will also be available for purchase)
-bring a pen and a journal or notebook
-dress in clean, comfortable clothing.
-respect the fact that this is a sacred operation
-do not bring your own crystals to this class, you will receive all crystals needed for this working, and may add your own to the grid once you take them home
-please remove any jewelry containing stones or minerals (wedding bands okay)
-be ready for positive, powerful results!

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Starts On

27 Jul 2018 - 7:00 pm

Ends On

9:00 pm