Jan 12th & 13th Magic Fundamentals 2-Day Intensive $180

Jan 12th & 13th Magic Fundamentals 2-Day Intensive $180

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Magic Fundamentals 2-DAY INTENSIVE with Naha
Prerequisite for all 22 Teachings Coursework.
Welcome Seekers!

For serious students wishing to deepen their magical studies, this 2-day workshop will provide all of the essential symbols, definitions and wisdom to have a solid foundation for further coursework in the Western Mystery Tradition, specifically Tarot, Qabalah, Ritual Magic, Developing Intuition, Crystals and stones, Sacred Geometry and Hermetics.
Students will learn and create their own study cards for:
Zodiacal symbolism
Planetary symbolism
Elemental symbols
Sigils, signals and signs
Tree of Life and Qabalah fundamentals
Subtle Body basics

Also includes:
Ceremony and ritual
Building the interior temple
Crystal intentions
Intoning and Invoking

SAT 1/12 10AM-5PM
SUN 1/13 10AM-5PM
45 min lunch break at 1pm both days. Please bring your own food and beverage.

Also, students should bring a magical journal to dedicate to this work. Please choose something that you truly love – the look, material and size that feels right. Don’t forget something to write with.

About the Teacher:
Trained by Master Teachers in Western Mystery Tradition, Naha has been a student of the esoteric teachings for over 25 years. Her areas of expertise include Qabalah, Alchemy, Tarot, Sacred Geometry, Practical and Ritual Magic and Hermetic Philosophy. She is the author of Everyday Crystal Rituals and the founder of 22 Teachings School of Hermetic Science and Magical Arts, supplying a yearly curriculum to those interested in following the Qabalistic lineage of teachers such as Dion Fortune, Paul Foster Case, and W.E. Butler. In 2016 Naha founded the Arboretum Mysticum, an occult Lodge of Hermetic Magic which meets every Saturday. She hosts a monthly Middle Pillar Ritual in the tradition of Hermetic Qabalistic High Magic. Her popular Crystal Grid Ceremonies supply the stones and the knowledge for attendees to build an activated Crystal Grid at home.
Naha strives to awaken her students to discover their potential and develop their gifts, ever conscious of the intentions behind the work. “Good magic begins with Groundedness and ends with Gratitude.”

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