March 10th 6:00pm Spring Forward: New Life Crystal Grid $65

March 10th 6:00pm Spring Forward: New Life Crystal Grid $65

On March 10th, Align yourself with the energy of Spring! Get a jump start as we set our clocks forward, and use the momentum to boost you into this new fruitful cycle.

Purchase tickets here: March 10th 6:00pm Spring Forward Crystal Grid

Location: Los Angeles Yoga Club – 1206 Maple Avenue Suite #846 – Los Angeles, CA 90015

New Life Crystal Grid

This is a time for new beginnings, new projects, and a new outlook! It’s time to shake off the cobwebs, come out from hibernation, and feel invigorated and inspired.

The first step towards success in any of life’s pursuits is feeling grounded, protected and free from fear, so that you are willing to try to new things and let your ideas grow. This magical operation is intended to create a solid platform to launch you forward into a new healthy cycle, stimulating your motivation and giving you the traction under your feet to move forward in life.

In this class you will each receive a special selection of crystals which work directly with the intention of Growth and Forward Movement. You will learn the properties of each stone you receive as well as the meaning of the shape or form. After tuning into exactly what each specific persons most needed area of stability is at this time, as well as their hopes and dreams for this new cycle, each person will clear themselves of auric debris and “unhealthy anchors”, after which you will charge and program your stones with the proper frequencies to achieve leverage, protection, inspiration, and the ability to let things develop with endurance. Each person will then “link in” with a specially created master grid to broadcast this intention outward. Through guided meditation, spirit invocation, and sacred geometry you will align your body, mind, and environment with the divine vibration of your new attitude and your new life!

Setting this grid up in your home not only aid you in being grounded and protected but will also project this energy outward to manifest growth and opportunity in your life.

This two hour-workshop includes study materials on the included crystals, cleansing, charging and programming, guided meditation, crystal healing on the body, and creating a grid for the home. The stones that participants receive and take home have been specially hand selected and cleansed in preparation. You will receive anywhere from 10-14 crystals in your grid set.

Cost of event is $65 including all crystals. Pay $35 now as your deposit, and bring $30 cash with you to the event.

What is a crystal grid? A crystal grid is a method of creating a sacred space by placing stones of specific metaphysical properties in a geometric pattern to broadcast a specific intention and create a powerful energetic transmitter.

What should I bring/wear? Please:
-bring 1 red or orange candle (in glass container, will also be available for purchase)
-dress in clean, comfortable clothing.
-respect the fact that this is a sacred operation
-do not bring your own crystals to this class, you will receive all crystals needed for -this working, and may add your own to the grid once you take them home
-please remove jewelry
-be ready for positive, powerful results!



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10 Mar 2019 - 6:00 pm

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8:00 pm