Sat Dec 16nd 11am Arboretum Mysticum presents THE KYBALION Chapter 13

The Arboretum Mysticum is an occult Lodge of White Magic in the Western Hermetic Tradition.

Join us in an in-depth study of the Kybalion: Hermetic Philosophy. “originally published in 1908 by “the Three Initiates”, containing the essence of the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus.

We will go through the book chapter by chapter in the coming weeks, and perform ritual aligned with its teachings.

The AM Lodge is a place for cultivating esoteric understanding of philosophical principles and propagating magical wisdom.

• Learn the Qabalistic Tree of Life, branch by branch, leaf by leaf.

• Ritual, Teachings, Meditation, & Community

• For those on the path of self-initiation in the Hermetic sciences and Magical arts of Qabalah, Tarot, Astrology, Alchemy, and Theurgy.

• All paths are welcome at this convergence.

“The Tree is a means, a method, a map, and a mechanism, for assisting the attainment of the single objective common to all Creeds, Systems, Mysteries, and Religions, namely the Mystical Union of Humanity and Divinity in the Great AT-ONE-MENT.” – William Gray, Ladder of Lights