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“22 Teachings has been the doorway reach in to areas that were previously just out of reach. The fundamentals to advanced classes are all this way, if you’re in to doing the work, and pealing back the layers this is exactly what you’ll experience. There’s an amazing amount of support and community available to you if you need it as well. I have loved every single class I have taken and look forward to new curriculum.” – Andrea L.

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“Naha embodies magic, she is aligned with the stars and rooted in the trees. Through her classes, where she shares her wisdom, knowledge and teachings, I began to see how magic really works. She opened me up to trust my intuition, to do the work through my inner-self connecting to highest version of me and then allow that work to reflect through to my outer world. Her dedication to teaching and sharing is my inspiration for the work I do in the world.”” – Jillian C.

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“Invaluable and integral to my healing, spiritual development, and conscious evolution, Naha has guided me in the discovery of keys to unlock, activate, and step into higher potential. The 22 Teachings curriculum has tremendously expanded and deepened my knowledge and understanding of intuitive development, tarot, crystals, stones, magic, service to self and others, and so much more!” – Lindsey K.

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