Astrology Course

Level 1: UNDERSTANDING ASTROLOGICAL ENERGY  An 8-week course by A. M. Penn

In this course you will learn to intuitively understand the energetic layers that make up the foundations of astrological practice. Student will acutely internalize, and thereby be able to remember and feel their way into the archetypal energies at work in the zodiac, and in day-to-day life.

A.M. Penn teaches the traditional correspondences of the Western Mystery Tradition, as it has evolved to include modern scientific discoveries and advancements in the fields of Astronomy and Western Astrology (such as outer planet associations) and relay her findings garnered through the magical operation of Pathworking.

This course is designed to give students a visceral understanding of the language of astrology and will serve anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of magic, the zodiac, tarot, or the qabalistic tree of life.

Students who complete the course, have taken the Magic Fundamentals Prerequisite, and score 80% or higher on the final test will be given a Certification of Completion.

Course total is $320 including materials.

Week 1: Understanding Western Astrology Energy Fundamentals
Week 2: The Energetic Formulas of Aries and Taurus
Week 3: The Energetic Formulas of Gemini and Cancer
Week 4: The Energetic Formulas of Leo and Virgo
Week 5: The Energetic Formulas of Libra and Scorpio
Week 6: The Energetic Formulas of Sagittarius and Capricorn
Week 7: The Energetic Formulas of Aquarius and Pisces
Week 8: Planetary Dignities, Polarities, and Class Conclusion

For any missed classes, an audio download and visual notes are provided.

Be prepared to leave this course transformed and enlightened!

Students who complete Level 1 are eligible to take the Level 2 Astrology Course:


Week 1: Introduction to Western Astrology Chart Reading
Week 2: Important Astrological Actors
Week 3Planetary Behavior
Week 4: Understanding Aspects
Week 5: Natal Chart Reading 
Week 6Understanding Transits
Week 7: Group Chart Study
Week 8: Group Chart Study Continued 

About The Teacher:
A.M. Penn is a teacher, reader, and practitioner at 22 Teachings School of Hermetic Science and Magical Arts. She is a passionate metaphysician whose qualifications include credentialed astrologer, Biddy Tarot Certified Reader, Holy Fire II Reiki Master, Trans-Crystal Therapy certified practitioner, and more than 15 years of experience as a communications industry executive. A.M.’s goal is to help clients and students reach their highest and best good through expanded conscious awareness, utilizing the tools of the Western Mystery Tradition and other mystical modalities.

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A.M. also offers private instruction and astrological chart readings. Call 323-362-2615 to book a one-on-one appointment.