Community Roundtable

Community Roundtables
Instructor: Vanessa
Length: 90 min
Prerequisite: none but designed for students who have completed or are enrolled in the department courses

Community Roundtable is an opportunity for 22 Teachings students and community members to participate in discussion about topics that affect day to day activities and interactions with the outside world. These meetings offer community members opportunities to uplift, bond, and support one another by coming together and sharing thoughts and practices related to the topic of discussion. These roundtables will be led by head of Dream Studies and energy worker, Vanessa Baltodano. 

Community Roundtables
For All Students

Session I with Vanessa – “Going Back to the New ‘Normal’
Session II with Vanessa – “Exploring Freedom”
Session III with Vanessa & A.M. Penn – “The Human Experience”
Session IV with Vanessa – “Holding Space”
Session V with Vanessa & Kristie Marie – “Shadow Work”