Crystal School 6-Week Course

Crystal School with Naha –

A 6-week course in Mineral Magic

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Perhaps you are drawn to crystals for their beauty or simply like “collecting rocks”. Maybe you can feel that they carry energy, or maybe you can’t, but you want to be able to. More and more people are discovering or rediscovering their love of stones and crystals, and ready to explore their therapeutic and dynamic benefits. This is the course that will get you started down the path of working with crystals and stones, in order that you may use them for healing, meditation, gridwork, accessing information, and to bring positive influences into your life. In each 2 hour workshop you will gain a wealth of information which builds from week to week as you explore each facet of the Crystal Kingdom. For beginners or those who have experience and are looking to expand their knowledge.

Let these beings of light assist you in your life and on your path.

This course includes workbooks and materials, and every student will receive a high quality set of crystal chakra stones to work with.

Total for this course $290



In this class you will learn:
The Sacred Geometry of the Vesica Piscis
What crystals are
Where they come from, how they are formed
Important terms
Why they work

Identifying and understanding the special meanings and classifications of Quartz Points: Single and Double Terminations, Laser Wands, Singing Quartz, Generators, Scepters, Twins, Window Crystals, Triggers, Self-healed, Phantom Crystals, Clusters and more!
Male vs Female
How to Choose
Raw vs. Polished, Size
Breaking idea of ownership
How to feel crystal energies


This is a hands-on workshop where participants will Clean, Clear, and Charge stones. You will learn these practices by actually doing them onsite at HOI.
Learn to communicate with your stones and treat them with the care they deserve.
Understand different crystal sensations and what they mean.
Clear stones of unwanted energies, old intentions and outdated programming using multiple methods.
Charge them up to their proper high vibration
Prepare stones for next weeks Programming Workshop
Learn about the 5 elemental quartz varieties: clear, smoky, rose, citrine, amethyst
Please bring a minimum of 2 crystals or stones to work with, as well as a journal for recording information


Last week we prepared your stones, this week we will program newly cleared crystals and stones with white light energy and new intentions.
You will learn:
Programming for yourself
Programming for others
Crystal Mantras
Who are the Crystal Devas and how to awaken and invoke them.
More stones – Cryptocrystalline Quartzes: Jaspers, Agates, Chalcedony, Tigerseye, Hematite and more.
New Terms
This class will also include a guided crystal meditation – allowing you to access the vast information stored within.
Please bring a minimum of 2 crystals or stones to work with, as well as a journal for recording information


Crystal Healing for the body
This workshop will expand your knowledge of the different stones you can use for healing different ailments, protection and grounding, energy, strength, balance, truth, psychic awareness, connection to spirit, and more.
Learn how the stones connect to the chakra system.
Linking the Chakras
Stones for Each Chakra
Dual Colors
Opposing Colors
Hand Chakras
More Stones – Kyanites, Tourmaline, Calcites, Selenite, Fluorite


The art of skrying or crystal gazing allows us to use our clairvoyance to receive images and information from our stones. In this class you will learn the most effective methods for crystal scrying.
You will also learn about:
Carved Crystals: Learn the significance and purpose of the Sphere, Egg, Obelisk, Skull, Pyramid, Heart, Wand, Cabochon, Merkabah, and more.
High Vibrational stones – Kunzite, Stilbite, Scolecite, Malachite, Iolite, Sugelite, Sunstone
Recorders and access
Pairs and Partners


In this class you will learn what Crystal Grids are, how and why they work. You will learn:
How to create a Healing Earth Mandala
How to create and set up grids in your home.
You will also learn multiple grids to use for crystal healing on the body using sacred geometry to move energy along the bodies meridians.
This class is a great supplement to the Crystal Grid Ceremonies.

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