Developing Intuition Course

22 Teachings offers 3 intensive courses which lay the groundwork of the student’s magical education.

-Developing Intuition
-Crystal & Stones

These courses range from 6-8 weeks in length and are taught twice a year. They are all prerequisites for more advanced magical training such as the Oracle Circle. They may be taken in any order.

Developing Intuition is an 8-week course in which the students explore the magical landscape of their life both inside and out. Gain great self-knowledge, learn how to trust your intuition, and empower yourself as a magical practitioner.

Class meets at the House of Intuition in Los Angeles 2237 W Sunset Blvd. For those who can not attend in person, audio classes are available.


Topics covered:

Week 1 – Meditation and Visualization
Week 2 – Psychic Protection
Week 3 – Subtle Body Anatomy
Week 4 – Numerology, Totems and Astrology: Astral Scavenger Hunt
Week 5 – Spirit Guides: Angels and Ascended Masters
Week 6 – Ancestors and Past Lives
Week 7 – Energy Healing and House Blessings
Week 8 – Altars and Sacred Space

course total is $320. ($280 deposit + $40 materials fee)