Dreamers Council

Name of Class: The Dreamer’s Council
Instructor: Vanessa Baltodano
Length of event: 2-3 hrs
Prerequisite: none

Dreamscapes are a rich resource for messages from your guides and can provide clarity for your everyday life. Your dreams can also ignite your innate ability to be creative and be a story teller. This resource is accessible anyone if you just open yourself up to it. By opening yourself to analysis and conversation about dreams, you are conveying to your guides that you are ready to receive and listen to their messages.  

In this workshop, participants will tap into the collective consciousness by sharing your dreams with one another to retrieve, decode, and further understand the messages you are receiving from your guides. You will have the opportunity to share one of your dreams and to help others  to better understand their dreams by analyzing their experiences with the group. By following some simple guidelines, the group will be able to do this activity in a loving, respectful and non-invasive way. No one is obligated to share a dream with the group. Listening to others is also a great opportunity to learn and gather other perspectives you may not have considered before. 

Vanessa will be sharing some of her experiences and some suggestions on how to analyze your dreams with or without a group. Vanessa’s ultimate goal is to give a voice to those who don’t feel heard and create a safe space for all dreamers to share and explore their dream experiences.