Faery Magick

“Now that the seeker of the Faery lands has received the introduction of the Faery ways, they are invited to walk into them. To walk the path of a Faery seer, is to walk the path of mystery, enchantment, and ultimate sovereignty. This path opens the possibility to co-create with an ancient primordial being, and at its best, it leads to creating positive change in the world.” 

Faery seer and eco-spiritualist Vanessa Baltodano presents The Faery Way of the Golden Rose tradition, leading students down the path of faery seership.  

First step: Take the Intro to Faery Magick 7-week course, which is available as a pre-recorded class below. Click to read more details and to purchase the course.

Pre-Recorded Course(s)

Second Step: Once you’ve completed the intro course, the next step is the 7-part apprenticeship.

Registration for the Spring 2022 apprenticeship is now open. For more information and to register, click the icon below.