Name of Class: Full Moon Ritual Working; New Moon Ritual Working
Instructor: Vanessa Baltodano
Length of class: 1.25 hrs
May be taken separately: Yes
Prerequisite: None
Recorded for absentees: Yes

Every Full Moon and New Moon ceremony is customized to make the most of the celestial energies present at the time of the working. New Moon ritual workings are dedicated to support activities of reflection, reassessment, and setting new goals and intentions. Full Moon ritual workings support practices of release and, most importantly, gratitude.

Upcoming Lunar ceremonies:

January 31st – New Moon in Aquarius “The Willow” with Vanessa
February 17th – Full Moon in Leo “The Peacock” with Vanessa
March 3rd – New Moon in Pisces “Creating Holy Water” with Vanessa
March 18th – Full Moon in Virgo “The Orangutan” with Vanessa
April 16th – Full Moon in Libra “The Dove” with Vanessa
June 14th – Full Moon in Sagittarius “The Elk” with Vanessa
June 28th – New Moon in Cancer “Hazel and the Faeries” with Vanessa

pre-recorded Video Ceremonies: