Intro to Alchemy: Hermetic Enigmas

Intro to Alchemy: Hermetic Enigmas of the Esoteric Tradition
Teacher: William Kiesel
Length: 2 hrs each lecture, 6 hrs total
Prerequisite: none

This lecture is offered as a pre-recorded video class here:

The Hermetic Tradition is rich in symbolism and the mysteries of magic are often enciphered under the veil of alchemical enigmas. In this highly visual series William Kiesel will present an overview of the alchemical world view and discuss the principal symbols and their meaning in the context of Qabalistic Magic. Alchemical maxims which often accompany the emblems of the Royal Art will also be explained. The series will equip the student with ample material to approach the potentials of magical consciousness through the mysteries of alchemy as well as supply specific techniques for meditative and ceremonial use. Basic qabalistic knowledge and proficiency with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram are recommended for students taking this series.

First Session: Introduction to Alchemical Symbolism
Overview of the Alchemical world View
Definition of Alchemy – spiritual and material – also wet path and dry path
Three Worlds of Alchemy – mineral, vegetable and animal
Color symbolism in Alchemy – Black, White, Red

Second Session: The Royal Art
Animal Symbolism
The Chymical Wedding
Alchemical Maxims

Third Session: Elemental Permutations
Elements in alchemy and ceremonial magic
Permutation as a principle
The Rotation of the Elements
Qabalistic approach to Elemental Permutation