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Ixté Owul , founder of Come Full Circle, is a Highly-Sensitive Person (HSP), empath, Emotional Authority, Certified Crystal Healing Therapist, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, teacher, and Dream Counselor. She is a first generation Nicaraguan American whose lineage is predominately Indigenous American influenced by many other countries due to colonialism including the Iberian Peninsula and Africa. She considers herself a Latina, not Hispanic, but would prefer to be referred to as a mixed American. Ixté’s spiritual path is guided by her ancestors who continue to influence how she offers herself and what she offers to her community. Her spiritual path has been filled with initiations that have brought her closer and closer to her authentic self which she describes as a returning home.

Since youth, Ixté has been a lucid dreamer and Faery Seer. In fact, if you would ask her when she started practicing magic, she would reply with “Ever since I started remembering my dreams.” Although her family is filled with a lineage of lucid dreamers and root workers, her psychic gifts were misunderstood, misinformed and not necessarily nurtured which enforced feelings of self-rejection. Her environment growing up encouraged behavior of suppressing spiritual experiences as well as who she was as a highly sensitive person. This led her down a road of self-neglect and substance abuse. After the passing of both her parents, Ixté’s ancestors began to communicate with her in her dreams illuminating the way to a new path of self-healing and self-reflection and essentially picking up a torch left burning in the dark by all others in her lineage. In 2015, Ixté made the conscious decision of leaving the corporate world to dedicate herself to her spiritual path and practice.

Although Ixté’s path has been difficult, it still has been self-fulfilling and fruitful. On this journey, Vanessa has had to face some hard truths about the life she was building stemmed from unseen trauma and ancestral patterns that no one else in her family would dare to face. Because of Ixté’s courage to face her shadows, she has been able to build a practice on the foundation of her authenticity and wants to show others how to do the same. Along the way, she has had the privilege of working with highly influential spiritual leaders and pioneers in the pagan community, such as Starhawk, Orion Foxwood and Rev. Patrick McCollum, who have helped her understand herself at a greater capacity. She believes that her calling is to answer the call of the New Paradigm which asks all of us to return to ourselves and share it with the rest of the world.

The focus of Ixté’s practice, Come Full Circle, is to help others return to themselves, their heart, their sacred center by way of shadow work, facing trauma in ancestral lineage and patterns, and having a better understanding of Death within the cycle of life. She does this with the help of her ancestors who include, but are not limited to, her Faery companions, Great Grandfather Feather, Grandmother Cacao and the Dark Mother. She teaches her students how to connect with their ancestors, dreams, and the faery realms to transform themselves and carry out their purpose in their full authenticity.


To book a session, call (323)362-2615

Come Full Circle Healing (In-Person):

This service is rooted in Earth based practices such as Crystal Healing Therapy, Chakra assessment, identifying ancestral lineage patterns and traumas as well as providing a connection to the powers of transformation.  It includes energy cleansing, re-alignment, reset that potentially delivers revelations, empowerment and a sense of coming home. Ixté will connect with your spirit guides, ancestors, and animal totems as a form of collaboration to ensure your healing is in alignment with what you need most at the time of your session.

 An intention is highly recommended to be set and shared before the working begins. The 2 hours includes 30 minutes of discussion prior and after the healing session. Modalities include but are not limited to:

  • Ancestor Lineage Trauma & Patterns identification
  • Chakra assessment
  • Crystal placement
  • Reiki Healing
  • Faery Beloved and Dark Mother medicine (Earth based guides)

Approx. 2 hours/$200

Dream Decoding (In-person/Online):

In this one-on-one session, Ixté provides guidance to help the dreamer discover the messages in their dreams and apply it into their lives. Ixté’s method and approach is built to shed light on the experience and empower the dreamer. In this way, the dreamer can arrive at the message in a supportive and non-intrusive manner. This session does require a little preparation from the client, so setting it up at least 2-days in advance is preferred. This service can also serve as a private training for those who want to know how to decode their own dreams independently. Preparation for this session includes intention setting, selecting one dream as the main focus of the session, although others may be discussed, and writing down all the details of the dream before the scheduled session. This service includes guided meditation.

1 hour/$150

Ancestral Lineage Healing (In-person/Online):

This session is built to help you discover and identify your patterns whether they be self-initiated or inherited. In doing so, you can open yourself to the possibility of healing, transcendence or empowerment of these patterns. In this one-on-one service Ixté will open with discussion and reflection allowing you to share that which you wish to release, heal or transcend followed by a seated meditation. In this meditation, Ixté will lead you to a place where you can offer healing to an ancestor that will help you change patterns that reside in you. Your ancestors can be of blood lineage, land lineage, or past life lineage. The power in the session is found in the openness of your heart. This is specific to identifying patterns and ushering in transformation and/or transmutation. This may include mediumship, meditation, and ritual. 

1 hour/$150

Tarot Reading (In-person/Online)

Ixté’s focus in every Tarot reading is to remind you of what is within your power. Tarot readings are meant to empower you, shed light on your path and help you understand the energy within the areas of your life to help you make a decision that is best for you. If you wish to gain clarity and guidance in specific areas in your life, then a Tarot reading is a perfect fit.

30 min/$100 45 min/$125 60 min/$150

Reiki Healing (In-person)

Reiki healing is a Japanese energy healing practice that is offered to assist with shifting energy, releasing stagnant energy and inviting balancing energy into your body, mind and soul. In other words, this modality welcomes and assists you on your self-healing path by welcoming Universal Life energy and releasing that which no longer serves you. During a session, the client will lie on a table, fully clothed. Ixté will then place her hands lightly on or over specific areas of the client’s head, limbs, and torso and transmit Universal Life energy. Ixté is a Reiki Master and finds this modality to be one of her favorites and has contributed and supported her personal spiritual journey.

1 hour/$150


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