Message From Naha- Founder and Head of Faculty

“When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear”

These words were told to me by my teachers, and they ring true throughout the ages, and from the East to the West.

If we always know what we are looking for,  there is no room for discovery. To take a chance, to dip a toe, to crack the door, is to open oneself to the mysteries that may lead us to a destination beyond what we considered possible.

The path of 22 Teachings is the path of the Western Mystery Tradition. Built upon the fundamental hermetic principles which are the laws of natural science, through the study and practice of metaphysical concepts (beyond mundane reality) in order to assist the seeker in self-development and refinement of being, we share one thing in common, and that is the undeniable, insatiable desire and motivation to learn. 

We exist to guide you on your path, to show you doors you may not be aware of, and to help you to understand what you find.

But you, my students, must do the work. Practice is essential. Discipline is key. Sincerity is prerequisite.

To you who dedicate yourself to the Great Work, may the infinite wisdom of the ages unfold, that you may ever transform and evolve into a stronger, deeper, and more complete self; balanced in a world of imbalance, at peace in a time of chaos, and navigating the reality that you live in that you may understand your purpose and fulfill it.


Naha Armády
Head of Faculty

“A tradition which does not evolve becomes a dead faith”
Dion Fortune – Mystical Qabalah

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Our school is open 7 days a week, yet our hours can vary, so please call before you come to make sure someone is there to help you. 323-362-2615. You can shop in the Magician’s Mercantile, light a candle on the altar, write intentions at the Ephemerary, book a reading or energy work with one of our practitioners, or just pull up a chair and a cup of tea and browse the library.

Everyone is welcome and we look forward to helping you discover and develop your most MAGICAL self