Welcome Students

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius! I hope that this communication finds you well. I’ve just returned from the Lightning in a Bottle Festival where I had the opportunity to share the teachings of Astral Projection, Soul Purpose Activation, and Elemental Magic with so many beautiful new faces in an absolutely gorgeous location, next to a lake at the San Antonio Recreation Area in Bradley, CA. If you haven’t had a chance to check out this fantastic holiday of music, magic, and community, I highly recommend you put it in your plans for next year.

I’ve got some great news for those of you who aren’t able to attend classes in person with me at the House of Intuition in Los Angeles. All of my FREE astrological tarot lessons can now be found in one easy place.

I also now have audio classes available for instant download, including the two lectures:  Intro to Hermetic Qabalah & the Tree of Life and Mystery Schools, Magic Training & the Hermetic Tradition.
They are both available for $15.

For a limited time, I am also offering the Arboretum Mysticum classes on the Major Arcana for 1/3rd of the original price, at only $4.99 for each ritual and lecture. You can find them all HERE


I’ve got 3 new videos up on the 22 Teachings YouTube Channel which you can find below as well as a new podcast with the outrageous Annabelle Desisto, and you’ll find Ritual instructions for how to use the Violet Flame to release and clear distracting or invasive thoughts, a perfect practice to try in the wake of the Full Moon.I have two new courses starting this week, the 8-Week Tarot School and the 6-Week Crystal School. Its not too late to jump in, find the links below in the calendar section.As always, I am endlessly grateful to be able to be a part of your journey and overjoyed to be a part of this powerful community of lightworkers and magical practitioners.

Much love,

P. S. I would like to extend a special acknowledgement to my Oracle Circle members who have recently finished a very intensive 8-months of Qabalistic theory and practice. Congratulations, and Great Work!



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