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Welcome Students

Dear Students, Clients and friends,
It has been wonderful to see so many during this first month at our new location. Many of you I haven’t seen since last year and I’ve been so grateful to catch up and hear what is going on in your lives. While I have been busy building the school,  you have been making your own strides and I’m amazed at how much progress so many people are making this year. We all have areas to improve in, wounds to heal, trends to shift, and dreams to achieve, and through our amazing community, we have a strong support structure to do this together.

As we move towards the Summer, it is time to shift things into even higher gear as we have big goals for making a positive impact, both as individuals to uncover our truth more clearly and mature in our magical understanding, and as a community as we deepen our friendships and join forces in creating positive, encouraging, and inclusive space for spiritual development. I’m proud of you and I’m proud of our team and what we are creating. I look forward to seeing you soon at a class, a private session, or just to swing by and chat.

We have some great announcements including the addition of a new Breathwork Group Monthly which will be facilitated by Ryan Allen and which will take place on 2nd Saturdays of the month starting in July.
Also in July, we will have a new Monday meditation called MMMM led each week by a different teacher in a different style.

We have a new feature on our blog by  A.M. Penn.

Find all of our events HERE

And please come visit our new space any day between 10 am and 7 pm. You can shop in the Magician’s mercantile, light a candle on the altar, write intentions at the Ephemerary, book a reading or energy work with one of our practitioners, or just pull up a chair and a cup of tea and browse the library.

Everyone is welcome, our doors are open and we are looking forward to helping you discover and develop your most MAGICAL self.

Blessings, Naha Armády

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