Pamela Smith

Faculty teacher: Yoga

Pamela came to a regular yoga practice after the birth of her second son, 18 years ago. When she realized she was having a hard time standing after playing with him on the floor, a friend recommended Bikram yoga. She loved the challenging nature of the class. Thus began her yoga journey.

In 2019 she became a part of the community of 22 Teachings and the Arboretum Mysticum. More recently she has been working on her 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate with The Flowstate Yoga Institute. The focus of her training is to bring many different disciplines together in order to manifest more flow in peoples lives.

Pamela came to find yoga to be an integral part of her spiritual routine, and now has created a special program to bring yoga out of her home and share what she has learned with others, as she continues to learn from her students.

Pamela’s series Yoga for Mystics is designed to assist students in connecting their physical self to their spiritual self. This is achieved through the five aspects of Breathwork, Kriyas, Mantras, Asanas, and Journaling.

You may reach Pamela through her Instagram: @seapriestess or by email: