[Video Class] Tarot & Astro Forecast & 2023 Magical Year Planning with Naha


2023 Tarot & Astro Forecast & Magical Year Planning
Teacher: Naha Armady
3 hrs
Prerequisite: None
Recorded Dec 2022

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This annual event is one of our favorites at the school, in which participants create a calendar map for the new year and each moon cycle, and resources to use throughout the year for a multitude of purposes both magical and everyday.

With the tools of tarot and astrology, take a deeper look at cycles large and small, discover what to plan for, and how to use your esoteric knowledge of the seasons, stars, and shifts to create the most magical year yet.

Knowledge is power and students will tune into the magical days of 2023 including moon cycles, zodiacal signs and personal magical dates. Naha will instruct you through the creation and building of your magical year planner, and teach a spread for a forecast of the new year.

This is not a beginners class so we will not be discussing the meanings of the cards, but if you have any experience at all with tarot you will be able to follow this class, all are welcome. Please have any 78-card tarot deck and a cloth or scarf to lay them on. Make sure and print out the handouts

Please also have a journal and something to write with. You’ll also want to have some colored pens or pencils.