[Rec] Rite of the Six-Rayed Star Ritual Training with Naha


Rite of the Six-Rayed Star Ritual Training
Recorded 8.12.23

Teacher: Naha Armády
Prerequisite: Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram Ritual Training with Naha
Length: 3 hrs

In the magical lineage of 22 Teachings, there are rituals and rites that have been passed down through the mystery tradition, there are those which are rectified and evolved to become relevant and reborn in modern magic, and there are rites and rituals which have been gifted directly to the school from higher guides and inner council. Of this third type, this is one such rite.  You will not find this Rite in books or other reference, although it draws upon the magic formulas of Hermetic Qabalistic tradition.

The Rite of the Six-Rayed Star is used for bringing the Magician’s higher and lower selves together in harmony, honoring both the human and spiritual aspects, bringing them into balance and integration as an interior alchemical wedding.

This mystical rite builds the Hexagram – the Six-Rayed Star within the self – central glyph of the Tree of Life and of mystical teachings of both the East and West.

This can be used as a daily ritual and is also considered to be a Tipheret working; for balancing the ego, for greater self-understanding, for strengthening the connection of the Divine Will and the Free Will, and for creating a powerful magnetizing, centering and empowering union of force and form.

This ritual is also used to connect the most spiritual parts of ones being to the most “everyday” human parts of self.

Students will be trained in each step of the process to perform this ritual on their own, and also gain thorough mystical analysis and explanation of the “why”, not just the “how”.

As with all of the Ritual Trainings, this work is intended to be integrated into the magicians regular practice. When you receive a Ritual Training from Naha, it is an activation which helps you to understand clearly the steps of how to perform the ritual but also its deeper mystical implications, and this is passed to you like as a spark of initiation, from teacher to student in a sacred lineage.  

Everyone should have their magical journal for taking notes.

If you are tuning in online, please have a place where you are free from distraction.

You’ll also want your Tarot deck – especially the 22 Majors, already in order when we begin.

If you wish, prepare by purifying and consecrating your space. Setting the tone is always conducive to this type of training.  

Please remember that these are sacred teachings, and should be treated as such. 

Please note: