Sept 28th New Moon Restorative Sound Session with AaruFrequencyTemple



22 Teachings Magical Academy
900 East 1st Street Suite 312
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Street parking is easier to find on the North side of 1st towards Temple. There are pay lots in the area but please do not park in the lot adjacent to the building.
Enter on Newberry Way between 1st and 2nd, Buzz 312

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AARU Restorative Sound Session

Created by TWCEL staff & Ora Aaru, Restorative Sound Energy Sessions are a leap beyond Sound Bathing.

“Our intention is to present sound/frequency as a complete energy healing agent.”

Beginning with a raising of energy of the room to encourage a focused, blissful relaxation, AARU Restorative Sound Sessions are a multi-layered healing and sound experience. Performed by a group of practitioners who use instruments (drums, tuning forks, singing bowls, vocal toning), technology (Rife & Solfeggio Scale) and energy practices (Seichim-Reiki, Cranial-Sacral) to create homeostasis in the body, more layering is added for organ/gland specific attention for participants who request it.

AARUFrequencyTemple are exploring the intersection of ancient modalities and new technologies guided by pure “heart intention.”

Led by Ora B (Aaru), the group will guide you through the ever-expanding world of healing through Sound and Vibration. Ora and other sound healers will facilitate a Body, Mind, Spirit inclusive experience that addresses Chakras, Glands and Organs through their specific frequencies.

Please bring a mat or blanket to lie on and a bottle of water

Ora B. Nance-Woodley is a metaphysical minister, Seichim-Reiki Master/Teacher, a Sound Frequency Facilitator and a CIER & SRT practitioner.
Over the last 30 years, Ora has been offering her knowledge and her intuitive gifts to aid those who desire a purposeful, healthy and happy life. Through her company , The Wellness Coaltion-EL, Ora offers traveling/pop ups CAM Clinics, lectures and workshops around the country for uplifting of ALL.

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