Feb 6th 2pm PST [Online] Astrology School Level 2: Western Astrological Chart Reading & Interpretation 8-Week Course with A.M. Penn


Astrology School Level 2: Western Astrological Chart Reading & Interpretation
8 Week Course
February 6th – March 27th 2:00-4:00pm PST
Teacher: A.M. Penn
Location: Zoom
Prerequisite: Magic Fundamentals 2-DAY Intensive & Astrology School Level 1
Recording available for absentees:  Yes

For those students who have completed Astrology School Level 1, the next step offered focuses on astrological chart reading. An astrological chart is a snapshot of the cosmos at a specific time and can give great insight into the energy of that timeframe and the agreed upon karma and themes that are meant to be addressed. This 8-week intermediate astrology course is designed to help students intuitively learn how to read western astrological charts to identify core themes and key messages.

If you have not yet completed the prerequisites, you may email 22teachings@gmail.com to be notified when they open for registration


Week 1 2/6: Introduction to Western Astrology Chart Reading

Week 2 2/13: Important Astrological Actors

Week 3 2/20: Planetary Behavior

Week 4 2/27: Understanding Aspects

Week 5 3/6: Natal Chart Reading

Week 6 3/13: Understanding Transits

Week 7 3/20: Group Chart Study

Week 8 3/27: Group Chart Study Continued

Students will receive their syllabus and PDF workbook to print out before the class begins. Please also have paper and pen, and as this course also ties in the tarot with astrology, a Rider Waite-style deck is highly recommended.

Be prepared to leave this course transformed and enlightened!

About The Teacher:

A.M. Penn is the head of the Astrology department at 22 Teachings School of Hermetic Science and Magical Arts, and offers one-on-one chart interpretation and healing as well as courses and classes. She is a passionate metaphysician whose qualifications include credentialed astrologer, Biddy Tarot Certified Reader, Holy Fire II Reiki Master, Trans-Crystal Therapy certified practitioner, and nearly 20 years of experience as a communications industry executive. A.M.’s goal is to help clients and students reach their highest and best good through expanded conscious awareness, utilizing the tools of the Western Mystery Tradition and other mystical modalities.

Follow A.M. on Instagram at @tenth_house_sun


Please note:

  • Once you complete the purchase, the download link will be in the confirmation screen.
  • Recording will be sent to absentees by the day following the live class.
  • The workbook for each class will be sent to students in a PDF.