August 3rd 7pm Sound Healing Circle with Andrew Martin




22 Teachings Magical Academy

900 East 1st Street Suite 312

Los Angeles, CA 90012

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Sound Healing Circle with Andrew Martin
High vibrational energy for healing and expansion.
“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”  – Nikola Tesla

Everything is made of energy. Vibration and frequency create everything that we perceive both physically and non-physically.  Sound is one of the most powerful and potent forms of energy. It’s not just our physical bodies that respond to sound. Our emotional, energetic, and mental bodies do too. Sound vibrations have the ability to heal, transform, and dissolve blocks on every level of our being. Using the power of his voice, Andrew connects directly to the Source Field. This connection creates a bridge to bring through powerful frequencies of unconditional love, infinite compassion, and pure potential. Gathering together in a group magnifies these energies for the good of all, anchoring them into our reality. There are no pre-requisites for attendees. Simply come with an open heart and a willingness to receive the healing you are ready for.  Each gathering is a unique experience and are open to all. Coming with a specific intention for this group is not necessary, but is certainly welcome. If nothing else you can trust that whatever you are ready to release or receive is what will occur.

Attendees will be lying down or sitting for the majority of the healing circle, so please bring a yoga mat or meditation cushion, whichever is most comfortable for you. A blanket to make sure you are warm enough and water to stay hydrated are also encouraged. (Mats available for purchase)
About the Teacher:
Andrew Martin is a highly attuned Energy Intuitive and Transformation Coach. A series of transcendent and clairaudient experiences beginning in 1995 and climaxing in 2012, left him suddenly awakened and on an accelerated path of expansion and evolution.
His entertaining, compassionate, and down to earth approach assists people in unlocking powerful, lasting, change. His work is the catalyst for life altering shifts and transformation. Find him on all social media @AndrewMartinEnergy or his website