[In-person] Mar 16th 7pm Automatic Drawing – An Evening of Trance and Script with William Kiesel


Automatic Drawing – An Evening of Trance and Script
Thurs Mar 16th, 2023 7-9pm
Facilitator: William Kiesel
Location: In-person
Recorded for absentees: No

William Kiesel has spent many years in the practice of siligic calligraphy, a form of automatic drawing as creative tool.

Feeling moved to teach and share his knowledge and experience, he created what became one of the most popular and well-received events that he has hosted at Mortlake and Co., his occult bookstore and gallery in Seattle, WA.

During his Spring residency at 22 Teachings, William is bringing this event “Automatic Drawing – An Evening of Trance and Script” to the students here in Los Angeles.

The day begins with Study Hall, where William will be in attendance to meet and discuss and share. Then in the evening, William offers students both theory and examples, and then guides a the practice for each participant to create their own channeled drawing.

Students will receive an introduction and visual presentation touching on some historical aspects of automatic drawing in art and occult circles, including Austin Osman Spare, Andre Breton, Hilma Af Klint, Brion Gysin and others.

Techniques for automatic drawing in theoretical and practical approaches will be discussed and presented.

Following this, students will engage and create, first in a guided participatory practice session and then a formal automatic drawing session.

There is no prerequisite, and no one should feel discouraged if they have no experience in this area. All levels are welcome.

Cost of attendance includes graphite and ink drawing implements and paper will be on hand for participants to use, though artists are invited to bring their own materials if they like.

Images depicts some of the spirit notebooks of the Five – Hilma Af Klint’s spiritualist group

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