[Online] September 26th 4pm PST Chrysoprase, Green Kyanite, Serpentine & the Green Ray with Vanessa


Chrysoprase, Green Kyanite, Serpentine & the Green Ray
September 26th, 2021 4:00-6:00pm PST
Teacher: Vanessa Baltodano
Location: Zoom
Prerequisite: None
Recorded for Absentees: Yes

Color has a profound effect on how we react to our surroundings. Consider how you feel when it’s raining and cloudy versus a sunny day filled with clear skies. We are affected by both the colors we see and don’t see. Our eyes alone account for approximately 70% of our total sensory perception, not only of color but also perspective and distance. One of the gifts that comes with living on Earth is being bathed in full spectrum light. In fact, carving out time to spend at least 20 minutes a day with the Sun helps support ideal internal body balance. More specifically, inside our brains are special centers that respond to light – including the pineal and pituitary glands that control the body’s hormonal balance. 


But the gifts from color rays don’t just stop at the physical level. Each color ray has specific intelligences that influence each of us on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. With the assistance of Crystal Devas and the mineral kingdom, we can bridge the gap of understanding and comprehension of these gifts. In this class, Vanessa introduces students to the Green Ray and Green members of the mineral kingdom to initiate the integration of these frequencies and gifts. This class includes both lecture and meditation. Topics that will be covered include: 


Chakra System 

Physical Influence 

Emotional Influence 

Spiritual Influence 

Archangel Association 



  • Genetic Makeup 
  • Hardness 
  • Intelligence 
  • Consciousness 


Vanessa will close with a meditation to offer a hands-on experience of the crystals and allow students to begin a relationship with the Green Ray and the student’s crystal of chosen from the list provided. The crystals listed are available for purchase in the Magician’s Mercantile. 


Please bring: 

  • Journal 
  • Pen/pencil 
  • One or more of the crystals listed 
    • Chrysoprase
    • Green Kyanite
    • Serpentine