[Video Class] Community Roundtable with Vanessa “Exploring Freedom”


Community Roundtable
Teacher: Vanessa Baltodano
Length: 1.5h
Recorded: July 21st, 2021

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Community Roundtable is an opportunity for 22 Teachings students and community members to participate in discussion about topics that affect day to day activities and interactions with the outside world. These meetings offer community members opportunities to uplift, bond, and support one another by coming together and sharing thoughts and practices related to the topic of discussion. These roundtables will be led by head of Dream Studies and energy worker, Vanessa Baltodano. 


This month’s topic is “Exploring Freedom”. After spending some time returning to social interactions with friends and family, we begin to see ourselves clearer. We begin to see our past behaviors from a new lens because we ARE new. Parts of ourselves and our past have “died” and our new selves have risen up from the ashes. As the ashes begin to fall to the ground, we also begin to see the chains that bind us from embodying our newest selves and from moving towards our truest selves. In this discussion, Vanessa will discuss the transcendence that is available to all of us when we become aware of that which encloses us and restricts us from “exploring freedom”. Everyone will have a chance to open themselves up to the answers that come from asking the following questions:

What is freedom?

What binds us?

How do we “explore freedom”?

What can we expect when living in the frequency of freedom?