Dec 14th 7pm Breathwork Group Healing with Ryan Allen




22 Teachings Magical Academy

900 East 1st Street Suite 312

Los Angeles, CA 90012

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Breathwork is an active meditation technique. It uses our breath to bring us into a deeper state of consciousness, overriding our brain to allow the wisdom of our body to be accessed. You won’t be the same after one breathwork session. Many people unwind behavioral patterns and limiting beliefs in just a few sessions. You may feel significantly less brain fog, anxiety, and inhibitions; have an easier time connecting with your family and friends; and experience more joy, peace, curiosity, and creativity.

Attendees should please bring a mat, blanket, water, paper, pen and any tools such as crystals that they would like to bring into the session. (Mats available for purchase)

Teacher Bio:

Ryan Allen is a Los Angeles based breathwork teacher, life coach, fitness coach, writer, and meditation guide. Through his vulnerable, unique lens, he uses each of these practices to spread his message of self-love, self-expression, liberation, and healing to his clients and all who follow his popular Instagram account. 

Some of the main tenets of his teachings include the power of healing core wounds, being self expressed, and the intelligence of the body. 

“Healing is a natural, inherent part of being a human,” Ryan says. “It’s how we free ourselves from feeling stuck or weighed down, and it’s our gateway to the life we want. A more intuitive self is on the other side.”

His decade-long experience in coaching, exercise and movement naturally developed into meditation and breathwork. All of which Ryan honed through his San Francisco-based fitness studio Lifted that he opened in 2016. In 2019, he relocated to Los Angeles where he now leads weekly breathwork groups, coaches his clients, and lives with his dog, Rosie. Ryan travels the country leading breathwork groups and Lifted classes.

Ryan’s unique approach to the mind, body, and spirit has been covered by GOOP, Well + Good, and 7×7 magazine. Follow him on Instagram @ryan.m.allen or at his website