[Online] Jan 23rd 11am PST Developing Intuition 9-Week Course with Naha


Developing Intuition 9-Week Course
Sundays starting January 23rd to March 27th, with one week off on March 6th
11:00am – 1:30pm PST
Length: 2.5 hrs each class, 22.5 hours of training total
Teacher: Naha
Prerequisite: Magic Fundamentals 2-DAY Intensive
Location: Zoom
Recorded for Absentees: Yes

For the Magician who desires to know thyself, Developing Intuition is a 9-week course in which the student explores the magical landscape of their life both inside and out. Gain great self-knowledge, learn how to trust your intuition, and empower yourself as a magical practitioner in the Western Mystery Tradition.

Naha developed this course over the last decade from her personal experience as a professional metaphysician. It has been newly structured, expanded and rewritten and available as an online offering. The material is presented through lecture, exercises, meditative exploration, personal writing, ritual and participatory practices.

Students will be expected to do altar work and journaling on their own throughout the duration of the course.

Meditation and Visualization
Psychic Protection
Prayer and Offerings
Animals and Elementals
Finding your Spirit Guides: Angels and Ascended Masters
Ancestors, Past Lives and Repairing Karma
Altars and Sacred Space, Creating Rituals
Qabalistic Ritual and method
Divination Techniques
Clairvoyant Training
Record Reading
Subtle Body Anatomy
Symbols, Numbers, Magical Tools
Astral Scavenger Hunt
Ceremonial Magic and Metaphysics

Please note:

  • You must have completed the prerequisite Magic Fundamentals 2-day intensive prior to taking this course. If you did not attend the intensive, the recorded training can be purchased here: https://22teachings.com/magic-fundamentals-2-day-intensive/
  • The syllabus and workbook with Zoom info will be sent out by email the week before class.