[Video Class] Adv Tarot #7 – Qabalistic Tarot: Divination on the Tree and Tree of Life Spread with Naha


Qabalistic Tarot – Divination on the Tree and Tree of Life Spread
Teacher: Naha Armády
Length: 3hrs
Recorded: June 2020
Prerequisite: Tarot School 9-week Course is suggested but not required

As a map of the microcosm, the Tree of Life may be used for divination and insights. Learn multiple techniques for reading with the Tree, and the Tree of Life Tarot Spread as created by Naha Armády to assist you in seeing deeply into your multi-faceted self. This form of divination may also be used with other tools than tarot, and can be adapted to work with Oracle cards, pendulums, runes, I-ching and crystals.

This Tarot class is not intended for beginners. It is suggested, though not required that you have completed Naha’s 9-week tarot course. Some basic understanding of tarot is prerequisite to this class. It is also helpful but not necessary to have completed the first 3 Hermetic Qabalah Lectures.

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