[Online] February 16th 7pm PST Dream Alchemy, the Art of Dream Work 6-Week Course with Vanessa Baltodano


Dream Alchemy, The Art of Dream Work 6-Week Course
February 16th – March 23rd 7:00-9:00pm PST
Teacher: Vanessa
Location: Zoom
Prerequisite: None
Highly-Recommended: Developing-Intuition 9-Week Course 
Recording available for absentees:  Yes

“A dream that is not interpreted is like a letter that is not read. And come see. If one does not remember it, it is as if one had never known it. Therefore whoever forgets a dream and does not know it, will not benefit from its fulfillment.” – Zohar I, 199b-200a 

Every night and every morning we enter and exit a very potent and rich space of personal magick, our dream space. It is in this space that we have access to our most vulnerable and powerful selves as well as access to great creativity and in some cases other worlds. This 6-week course will help students discover who they are and who they have always been, a dream alchemist. Assisted by the elements, students will be introduced to all the ingredients and tools that are accessible in dream work to catapult his/her own self-development and magickal empowerment. Through this course students will learn how to interpret their dreams and come to understand the spiritual alchemical process found in dream studies. 


2/16 Week 1:  WATER- The Dreamer Receives 
2/23 Week 2:  EARTH- The Dreamer Reflects and Ponders 
3/02   Week 3:  AIR- The Dreamer Writes and Shares 
3/09 Week 4:  FIRE- The Dreamer Put into Action 
3/16 Week 5:  STORM- Guides and Messages 
3/23 Week 6:  The Alchemical Practice 


Students will receive their syllabus and PDF workbook to print out before the class begins via email. Please also have paper, pen, and (as this course also ties with the elements) a representation of each element as instructed by the teacher. 

Be prepared to leave this course transformed and empowered! 

Please note:

  • Once you complete the purchase, the download link will be in the confirmation screen.
  • Recording will be sent to absentees the day following the live class.
  • The workbook for this course will be sent to students in a PDF and should be printed before each class.

Disclaimer: Vanessa is an HSP (highly sensitive person), an Emotional Authority and Cancer rising, so she follows natural rhythms and cycles that don’t always line up with linear time.  In order to fully honor her truth and show up in full authenticity, she will do her best to always show up as scheduled but may occasionally need to deviate from the schedule. If/when this happens, she will give as much notice as possible, along with a plan to make up the material.