[Rec] Intro to Faery Magick 7-Week Course


Intro to Faery Magick a 7-week Course
Teacher: Vanessa
Prerequisite: None
Highly-Recommended: Dream Alchemy 6-Week course & Ancestors: Remembering, Healing & Honoring the Lineage 4-week course

Please note:

  • The workbook for each week is found in the link along with video recordings


So the lover of Earth obtains his reward, and little by little the veil is lifted of an inexhaustible beauty and majesty. It may be he will be tranced in some spiritual communion, or will find his being overflowing into the being of the elements, or become aware that they are breathing their life into his own. Or Earth may become on an instant all faery to him, and earth and air resound with the music of its invisible people. 

“The Candle of Vision” by George William Russell 


The world around us is alive. Everything on this planet has its own vibration, contribution and influence upon it. The way of the Faery Magick practitioner is a deep multilayered understanding of this concept. Communing with the Earth is very important to the Faery Magician and understands that the “separation” concept in our culture is in desperate need to be unraveled within him/her/themselves in order to fully embody this role. 

Faery Magick is not for the faint of heart. It is a deep Earthly practice and art, not a religion. It is a tradition that started long ago and has been named and experienced in different ways across many cultures and generations. There is deep power in this practice and one that introduces Truth to the ego in every human being and offers a massive shift of consciousness that ultimately serves the positive evolution of the Earth. 

In this course, Vanessa will introduce the way of the Faery Magician and how she creates an authentic relationship with Ancestors, land, plant, mineral and the animal kingdom. On the path of doing so, the magician is introduced to the many layers of the Earth consciousness and his/her/their place upon it. Within these seven weeks, students will be courted by the 7 realms of Faery and find their way to a deep relationship with the Earth and perhaps begin a relationship with our Earthly cousins, the Fey. 


The student will discover answers to the following questions and more: 

Who are the Fey? 

How do nature spirits differ from the Faery race? 

What are the layers of the human experience? 

Who are the Gatekeepers, Guides, and Companions within this tradition? 

What is Faery Magick? 

What rituals and exercises can I adopt to begin a grounded and safe relationship with the Fey? 

How will this influence and change my life and purpose? 

How does consciousness, Ancestors and the Earth relate to Faery Magick? 

How do we experience the Fey? 

Be prepared to leave enlightened and enchanted.