[Online] The Faery Way of the Golden Rose Tradition First Stage Apprenticeship


The Faery Way of the Golden Rose Tradition
First Stage Apprenticeship
April 30th & May 1st, May 14th & 15th, May 28th & 29th, and June 12th 2:00-4:00pm PST

Teacher: Vanessa
Prerequisite: Intro to Faery Tradition
Highly-Recommended: Dream Alchemy 6-Week course & Ancestors: Remembering, Healing & Honoring the Lineage 4-week course
Recording available for absentees: Yes

“Now that the seeker of the Faery lands has received the introduction of the Faery ways, they are invited to walk into them. To walk the path of a Faery seer, is to walk the path of mystery, enchantment, and ultimate sovereignty. This path opens the possibility to co-create with an ancient primordial being, and at its best, it leads to creating positive change in the world.” 

Faery seer and eco-spiritualist Vanessa Baltodano presents The Faery Way of the Golden Rose tradition, leading students down the path of faery seership.  

This tradition unfolds in 5 stages, beginning with the Black Rose of sovereign embodiment, moving through the Red and White Rose where the faery contacts are made, to the advanced stage of the Blue Rose and ultimately to the highest frequency Gold Rose of sacred magic. 

In this 7-part apprenticeship, Vanessa leads students to open the gates of first 3 Roses: The Black, Red, and White 

1st Weekend – Black Rose Gate 

Opening the Black Rose Gate, apprentices learn and practice exercises to take them deeper into their body, understand sovereignty over their being and their relation to their environment that surrounds them. 

2nd Weekend – Red Rose Gate 

This weekend is dedicated to accessing the ancestral gateways which lead to the first spirit contact and guardian of the Faery World– Cernunnos. Apprentices find the heart and vitality of their magic. 

3rd Weekend – White Rose Gate 

The Gate of the White Rose leads to the weaving thread of the Dark Mother, the central intelligence of the Earth’s history. Apprentices find their place within these threads, and through this, identify the aspects within their lives that are and are not in alignment with the blueprint of their soul. 

Every weekend will include exercises, meditation and group discussion. Following the training, students will then be given an outline of practices to do during the two-week interim period between each training, and it is in this that understanding unfolds.  

After the 3rd weekend, Apprentices meet one more time for final Q&A, share their experiences and receive the sacred seal of the working.  

Journaling will be required for the duration of the apprenticeship. 

Please note:

  • The syllabus and workbook with Zoom info will be sent out by email before the course begins. 
  • Recordings are sent to absentees within 24hrs following the live class.