[Rec] Full Moon in Pisces Ritual Working “The Chameleon” with Ixté Owul


Full Moon in Pisces Ritual Working
“The Chameleon”
Facilitator: Ixté Owul
Prerequisite: None
Recorded Sept 10 2022


Full Moon ritual workings are dedicated to support practices of release, energetic reset, and gratitude. Every Full Moon working is customized to make the most of the celestial energies present at the time of the working. 

In this ritual, Ixté will lead the group into communion with the spirit of the Chameleon. All participants are welcome to have with them a representation of the Chameleon during this ritual undertaking but are not required.

How to best prepare for this ritual:

  • Create a space where you will not be disturbed.
  • Enough space to sit, stand and/or lie down.
  • Cleanse yourself and your space using herbs, a selenite wand, singing bowl, or LBRP before the ritual begins.

Please have with you:

  • Journal
  • Pen/pencil
  • Candle (new)
  • Intention


Disclaimer: Ixté is an HSP (highly sensitive person), an Emotional Authority and Cancer rising, so she follows natural rhythms and cycles that don’t always line up with linear time.  In order to fully honor her truth and show up in full authenticity, she will do her best to always show up as scheduled but may occasionally need to deviate from the schedule. If/when this happens, she will give as much notice as possible, along with a plan to make up the material. 

Teacher Bio: Ixté Owul is the founder of Come Full Circle, a Certified Crystal Healing Therapist, Tarot Reader, Reiki Practitioner, Dream Counselor and teacherEver since she was a little girl, Ixté has been a lucid dreamer. After her father passed in 2009 and even more so after her mother passed in 2014, Ixté’s dreams became more and more intense. Having constant visits from her parents and spirit guides, Ixté was led to a path of crystals, magic and metaphysics. Leaving her corporate job in 2015, she embarked on her journey towards becoming a magical practitioner and committing to a life in service of the greater good. Since then, Ixté has had the privilege of working, learning, and/or doing ceremonial magic with spiritual leaders and teachers such as Starhawk, Andras Corban-Arthen, Patrick McCollum, the McCollum Foundation, the World Peace Violin, and Orion Foxwood. Till this day, Ixté continues to be a seeker of wisdom and a student of guides in her dreamscapes.

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