[Online] December 7th 11am PST Live from the UK: Full Moon in Gemini Ritual Working “Dragon Activation” with Tiamat


Full Moon in Gemini Ritual Working
“Dragon Activation”
December 7th, 2022 11:00am PST/7:00pm GMT
Teacher: Tiamat Rose
Location: Online via Zoom
Prerequisite: None
Recorded for absentees: Yes


Full Moon ritual workings are dedicated to support practices of release, energetic reset, and gratitude. This month’s Full Moon Ritual will be facilitated by one of Ixte’s dear friends, Tiamat who will be leading this ritual live from the UK. Please note the time difference. The event will be 11am Los Angeles Time, 7pm UK time.

Upon the Full Moon in Gemini, Tiamat will be guiding a meditation journey into your heart with the Dragons of Avalon, the heart chakra of the world (Glastonbury in the UK). In this journey, you will receive healing, guidance on your soul’s path and awaken dormant memories of times when you have walked these lands that can assist you in your current lifetime.
For this journey, please have:
  • a notepad to write down any insights that your receive
  • candle
  • feather
  • a crystal
  • one green item
  • If you wish, wearing the color green is also appropriate.
Create a comfortable space where you can sit or lie down. Please smudge yourself with sacred smoke before beginning and meditate on an intention so that this energy can be brought into the group’s collective field.

Teacher Bio:Tiamat is a Rose Priestess initiated with the Sacred Rose Mystery School. She is devoted to the path of Love as seeded by Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Mary Auset Isis in the ancient temples of Kemet and Mount Carmel. She is deeply connected with the dragon realm and is honoured to carry the name and emerging consciousness of Tiamat. She is a qualified Pantarei Approach practitioner (a form of somatic therapy) that involves talk and touch to transform trauma and limitation into higher states of being. Tiamat is here to guide us back into our body, to our primal, elemental power and to our connection with our beloved Mother, Gaia. She is a Life doula, spanning business, fertility and personal growth to assist people to birth their soul’s highest potential.

IG: @tiamat_rose
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