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2.75″ x 1.75″ x .5″

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Origin: India

Element: Earth, Fire

Chakra: Root, Earth Star

Qualities: Grounding, Protective, Foundation-building.

Variation: Red or Green, also Star-Garnet

Healing Properties: Garnet connects you to reality and gets your feet under you without a feeling of heaviness. It anchors you to the crystal core of the Earth and activates the Earth Star which is the lowest point of your energetic field, about a foot beneath the surface of the ground. Garnet helps motivate you to take your ideas and manifest them, and prevents backsliding. It instills the intention to improve physical places, and inspires that wherever you walk in your lifetime, you may leave that place better than it was before you were there. Garnet supports improvement in the material realm, of either your physical body or your physical home. It resonates with the energies of security and safety. It can help with the healing of childhood trauma by reflecting one’s strengths and survival.

Care: Rinse with water, Charge with sunlight.

Tips: Place Garnet in your lap during meditation to stay grounded, or in between your feet if you are lying down. Use Garnet to ground your home, and keep it on you when doing home improvements.