[In-Person] Wed August 16th 8pm Heart of the Lion Lunar Mansion Rite with William Kiesel


Heart of the Lion – New Moon Lunar Mansion Rite & Angelic Invocation
Wednesday, August 16th
Officiant: William Kiesel
Prerequisite: Lunar Mansions 101 2-part Course
and LBRP
Recorded for absentees: No

Please see our check in protocol HERE

Lunar Rite of Al-Jabbah & Invocation of Ardesiel
Presented in Qabalistic High Magic, Lunar Mansion rites comprise the observance and invocation of the Moon and its ruling angel for the purpose of scrying, talismanic magic or magical operation.

Al-Jabbah is the 10th lunar manse (processional 28.35 degrees Leo, the Brow of the Lion) and features the Goddesses of Luna under the royal star Regulus, the Little King.

Participants will engage in a formal invocation of Luna and the mansion angel Ardesiel followed by a hallowed space for intention, consecration and reflection for works of Success and Leadership, of Expansion, Union of Head and Heart in the Radiance of Love. As we will be operating during a New Moon it is also an excellent time for beginning new works.

What to bring?

A yoga mat or blanket to lay on

An unburned pillar candle (in glass, also available for purchase)

A moonstone (optional, also available)

Bottle of water

Dress in clean, comfortable clothing

Magical Journal and writing utensil


Please note, Doors at 7:30, no late comers will be admitted once we begin the ritual at 8pm.

Also, thank you for honoring the prerequisite policy for this working. If you have not yet taken the required prerequisite training, you may do so by purchasing the video recordings HERE and HERE

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