[Video Class] Hebrew for Mystics 4: The 4 Worlds, Archangels & Mundane Chakras


Introduction to Hebrew for Mystics Part 4: The 4 Worlds, Archangels & Mundane Chakras
Teacher: Tami Havton
Recorded: August 2020
Length: 2h

In this class, students will be taught how to correctly write and pronounce the Hebrew names of:

  • The Four Worlds
  • The Mundane Chakras
  • The Archangels

As well as insights, facts and anecdotes from the instructor.

Please have ready:

  • Print FIVE copies of attached PDF practice paper, or lined paper
  • Pencil, eraser
  • Water

Please note:

  • Once you complete the purchase, the download link will be in the confirmation screen.
  • If purchasing more than one ticket, please include the name of your guest(s) in the comments when you check out. 

About the teacher:

Tami is a passionate educator with over 40 years of experience in and out of the classroom as student, teacher, parent, mentor, and coach. With compassion and curiosity, she connects with her students and peers.  With creativity and kindness, she contributes to their journey.

At 22 Teachings, Tami found an opportunity to learn, mentor, and teach. Gematria, Qabalah, and Tarot – for Tami, the common thread is Hebrew. Tami is bilingual, English/Hebrew, and lived in Israel for 17 years. Her insatiable curiosity had her searching for original Hebrew sources and references of Sefer Yetzirah and The Tree of Life. Tami is excited to share her Hebrew knowledge with the 22 Teachings community. Follow Tami on IG and/or visit and like her FB page: @TamiTanglesCZT