[Video Course] Entire Series Hermetic Qabalah Level 1: REINITIATION


Hermetic Qabalah and the Western Mystery Tradition Level I
6 sessions each 2+ hours
Teacher: Naha Armády
Recorded 2023

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Hermetic Qabalah is the magical lineage of the Western Mystery Tradition. The 22 Teachings system of magic is part of this living tradition. For those who are interested in practicing ceremonial magic in the tradition of groups such as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, this 6-part REINITATION series is a transmission from mentor to initiate, with in-depth teachings and transmissions of the fundamentals of Hermetics, Qabalah and the Tree of Life, as it pertains to tarot, ritual, astrology, numerology, theurgy, and more.

This class is different from and supplemental to the Magic Fundamentals 2-day Intensive.

It is said in the mysteries that those who discover this path, are finding it again. It is with this in mind the student partakes in their REINITIATION, remembering their magical self, facilitated by our head of faculty Naha, true keeper of the spark.

Each session includes ritual and lecture, and students should prepare themselves by creating sacred space and clearing distractions.

101: Mystery Schools and the Lineage of Hermetics and Qabalah
Rending of the Veil Ritual
102: Deeper into the Mysteries and the origins of the Tree of Life
103: Tree of Life and the Arcana of the Tarot
Invocation of the Sephirot in Atzilut Ritual
104: Theurgy – Divine Names and Archangels
105: The Holy Letter – Hebrew and Gematria
106: Angelic Choirs and Planets.
Reinitiation Ritual.