[Video Class] Hermetic Qabalah Lecture #1: Mystery Schools: Magic and the Western Mystery Tradition


Mystery Schools: Magic and the Western Mystery Tradition
Teacher: Naha Armády
Length: 2 hrs
Recorded: April 2020

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Hermetic Qabalah is the magical lineage of the Western Mystery Tradition. This 6-night lecture series will cover the basics to understand the fundamentals of Hermetics, Qabalah, and the Tree of Life, as it pertains to tarot, ritual, astrology, numerology, theurgy, and more.

Are you interested in magic but unsure where to begin or which path to choose? Are you a solo practitioner looking for a magical community? Do you want to practice magic safely but you have some concerns or are you confused by the symbols and words? Have you skirted the boundaries of the occult world for a while and are ready to step in? Is your magical practice grounded in a lineage and a tradition?

In this lecture, prepare to have your questions answered and mysteries revealed.

We will cover: Does the Western World have a Mystical Philosophy or Magical Lineage?, Qabalah vs Kabbalah, Religion vs Theology, Magic vs Magick, What is THE GREAT WORK? What are the Hermetic Sciences?, What about Aleister Crowley?, What is the egregore? Are pentagrams Satanic? Is Isis a terrorist organization? IS MAGIC REAL? And much more.