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2.5″L x .75″W

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Origin: Madagascar

Element: Spirit, Fire

Chakra: All

Variation: Usually grey, blue, and green. Varieties that include more rainbow tones are called Spectrolite.

Qualities: Protection, reflection, vision

Healing properties: Labradorite is a shielding stone that’s useful for people who are sensitive to psychic energy. It is a stone of magic and can amplify your rituals, candle work, and magical ceremonies. It also helps you remember your dreams and understand their meaning, so is useful for dreamwork or lucid dreaming. Labradorite can also be used for scrying, in which the crystal is used as a backdrop for clairvoyant visions. It is very activating to your psychic centers. Along with its protective properties, it assists you in delving deeper into your own psychic ability without the influence of others, and gives you courage to explore the astral realms.

Care: Rinse with water. Charge by the light of a candle.

Tips: Carry or wear Labradorite to keep negative psychic energy away. Place it under your pillow for dream recall and lucid dreaming. Place upon the third eye during meditation for deeper visions.