[In-Person] Aug 23 2023 7pm LVX Aestiva


22 Teachings and the Arboretum Mysticum present LVX Aestiva 2023

a Holy Day

Honoring Hermes Trismegistus, the triple avatar Hermes-Mercury-Thoth, the Archetype of the Magician Key I and Summer Splendor

Hosted and Celebrated around the world by the students and community of 22 Teachings and the AM Lodge. Please email 22teachings@gmail.com to find a gathering in your area.

Los Angeles Rites take place at 22 Teachings in the Arts District.

Doors at 6:30pm, please turn phones on silent, and leave them in the foyer with shoes, bags, etc. Bring no possessions into the temple space.

Ritual attendees will be standing for most of the event. If you require a chair, please let us know so that we can accommodate you.

Please arrive no later than 7pm

No admittance once the rites begin.


Opening rites of the Temple – All students and attendees are welcome to participate in the Opening and Closing Rites

LBRP – Rending of the Veil – Purification and Consecration

Dedication of LVX Aestiva – Soror Kairos

Invocation of Thoth – LIBER ISRAFEL – the rites of Mercury

Invocation of Binah – the rites of Saturn

Invocation of the Triad of Higher Consciousness – the rites of Sol, Jupiter and Mars

Invocation of Hathor – The rites of Venus –

Invocation of the Mirror – The rites of Luna – William K.

Closing Rites

Ticket price includes admission for one. You are not required to be a student of the school or a magical practitioner to attend. All are welcome. Students of the school are invited to participate in the opening and closing rites, and all attendees should be prepared for a very potent experience.

A journal and something to write with is always suggested when attending 22 Teachings. There will be time following the rites to record the experience if you wish, or meet your fellow celebrants.

Ritual dress – something lightweight and ritual appropriate is best. If you have a magical robe, caftan etc, wear it. If you do not have any ritual wear, not to worry, this is not a dress code, just dress in whatever makes you feel magical.

You may also bring a small item to charge on the altar if you wish to do so, or an offering to place. Fruits or flowers, or herbs ruled by Mercury such as Sage, lavender, fennel, licorice, or marjoram are all appropriate, or orange fruits or flowers for Hod, or red roses/ white lilies for the Magician Key I

If you charge a talisman or item please don’t forget to take it before you go. Offerings may be shared with the group and distributed once the Rites have completed.

All proceeds go to the 22 Teachings student scholarship fund to provide financial aid to students of merit

For the backstory on the holiday, Watch the video Origins & Plans  HERE


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