[Recording] Magic Fundamentals 2-Day Intensive with Naha


Magic Fundamentals 2-DAY Intensive
recorded 2023
Teacher: Naha
Length: 13.5 hours
Prerequisite for all 22 Teachings Coursework including Magic School 10-wk course, Tarot School  9wk course, Astrology School 8wk course and Magic Modules


Please note:

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2 Full day Magic Training Intensive with Naha.

This transmission of magic from Teacher to student serves as the 22 Teachings prerequisite for new students. For those wishing to progress in their magical apprenticeship for 2023, it is suggested that you also take the 6 part Hermetic Qabalah lectures and the LBRP training. These additional trainings are offered coming up in January as well.

If you already have some working knowledge of ritual and magic, you may also benefit from this deep dive into the essentials. This 2-day intensive workshop will teach you the symbols, definitions and wisdom to have a solid foundation for further coursework in the Western Mystery Tradition, specifically Tarot, Astrology, Qabalah, Ritual Magic, Developing Intuition, Crystals and stones, Talismanic Magic, Elemental Magic, Sacred Geometry and Hermetics.

Students will learn:
Ritual Intro, Prayer and Intention, Qualities of the Magus, Vibrations and Patterns of Energy, Parts of the Self, Clarity of truths and falsehoods about magic.

The Egregore
Zodiacal symbolism
Planetary symbolism
Elemental symbols
Sigils, signals and signs
Tree of Life and Qabalah fundamentals
Subtle Body basics

Also includes:

Rites of Purification and Consecration
Ceremony and ritual activations
Ritual of the Lantern
Powers of the Sphinx activation
Divine Panel Visualization
Magic Circle
Crystal programming
Resurrection Formula

Under the mentorship of Naha, students will further their initiatory process into the Western Mystery Tradition.


DAY 1:
2.5 hrs training
1 hour break
2.5 hrs training
1.5 hour break
2 hrs training

DAY 2:
2 hrs training
1 hr break
2.5 hrs training
1.5 hrs break
2 hrs training

Please note that you will need to sit, stand, lie down, and move throughout this process. You will need a journal and a stone (any rock will do).
For the second day of working you will also need tap water in a cup for purification, incense, candle or other representation of fire.

This is a powerful activation which will include fast-paced information downloads, attunements and ceremony.

Students should prepare for this work by eating clean, getting enough rest and not consuming any drugs or alcohol for 3 days prior.

Students should have the ability to work free of undue distraction throughout the process.