[Rec]Magicians Roundtable “Darkness” with William & Vanessa


Magicians Roundtable “Darkness”
Teacher: William Kiesel & Vanessa Baltodano
Length: 1.5h
Recorded for absentees: Yes
Wednesday, March 30th, 2022

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The presence of darkness in Western Culture and Esoteric Tradition is unmistakable and is often attended by misconceptions represented by secular religions or pop culture media. The common response to darkness is shame, fear, judgment, denial, and overall rejection. But darkness may also possess glamor or seduction for others. These responses are a result of misinformation, misuse, and ignorance around the root of its existence and those who welcome, dance, and co-create with its magic. In this discussion, faculty members William Kiesel and Vanessa Baltodano will be diving into conversation about darkness within their own life experience and as magicians to help students understand that there is a place for darkness within the vastness of the Great Work.

Meeting monthly, Magicians Roundtable is an opportunity for students of magic at 22 Teachings to share and discuss under the mentorship of Faculty members as well as opportunities to learn from other guest teachers.  This discussion group is meant to be an open forum for any questions and insights that may have arisen during practice of the rituals, techniques and workings taught in courses and classes.