[Rec] Medicine Circle “Kem-T: The ‘Black’, Chaos” with Ixté Owul


Medicine Circle Egyptian Series
“KEM-T: The ‘Black’, Chaos”
Facilitator: Ixté Owul
Prerequisite: None
Recorded: Jan 2023

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The roots of this working are based in the Underworld Tradition dedicated to offer a co-creative space with your body, your subconscious, ancestors, and your higher self in getting to the source of blockages, hindering patterns, and fears. Ixté provides a safe space by starting the working with a grounding exercise, channel opening and calling in your guides of the most benevolent nature. She will guide the group through meditation as is called of the collective moment. Her guides and allies include those of the Faery realms, the Dark Mother, Grandfather Feather and the Tuatha Dé Danann.

After undergoing a very powerful and life transformative experience on the 22 Teachings’ Egypt Initiation pilgrimage, Ixté has been guided by her spiritual team to introduce and be a channel for the Egyptian Underworld by way of the Medicine Circle. She will be doing this in 8 different parts. This is the 1st of the Ancient Egypt series and is the initiation before undertaking The Duat (Underworld) series of the Medicine Circle.

All participants: 

  • Wear something black 

Things to have with you: 

  • An incense of your choice
  • A glass of water 
  • A candle (preferably black)
  • Match/lighter 
  • Journal 
  • Pen/Pencil 
  • Intention  

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